What do you do with washi tapes and fruits?

…Make something cute for the party! PS. These tapes came from HeyKessy.com. Here’s zeh website (just in case you want some washi lovin’). 


Chicken and Bacon Pasta (for those long and lazy weekends)

Ground chicken and sliced bacon bits in a creamy white sauce atop linguine.

This pasta was a mish-mash of various recipes from different people. The ground chicken and sliced bacon were from a friend while the idea of adding a bit of mayo in the sauce was from my sister. Combined with cream and milk, this easy-to-cook pasta sauce is oozing with heavenly creaminess.


Care for a glass?

The English word “wine” comes from the Proto-Germanic “winam,” an early borrowing   from the Latin vinum, “wine” or “(grape) vine”, itself derived from the Proto-Indo-European stem. [wikipedia]

Usually offered as an icebreaker during events, wine can also be used as an ingredient in various European- and Mediterranean-style cuisines.

Ever heard of the Latin phrase, “in vino veritas?” This translates to “in wine (there is the) truth” and most applicable during those times we are heavily drunk that we tend to blabber on our darkest, deepest secrets.

So the next time you take a glass of wine, be careful. That might be a powerful truth serum. *wink wink*

Set of Four

As presented are some of the shots we did during our 2-day food photography seminar. Composition is important and so is proper lighting. It’s amazing how a wide window could drastically improve one’s setup.

Here are the solo shots: