Lazy Girl Eats: Mac ‘N Cheese

There is something about me that you should know.

I…am not a great nor even a good cook. I just cook…to save my life.

Whenever I hear my tummy grumble, I scrounge around our kitchen to find something edible but if all else fails, I TRY to make come up with something to appease the godless stomach of mine.

So one sunny afternoon, I decided to recycle some pasta and hunted for that mini-jar of cheese spread and put together: THE LAZY GIRL’S MAC ‘N CHEESE!

Ah. It is enough to appease the warring deity in my tummy!

The bits of ribbon and washi tape are not exactly yummy but hey, that’s how I imagine my place when I dug into that mini-tub of mac ‘n cheese!



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