Sophie’s Mom at the Wedding Expo!

I have never been to wedding expos since I’m not likely to get hitched anytime soon, although I have been fascinated with the whole wedding preps and its accumulating stress. *wink wink* When Ms. Tonette of Sophie’s Mom invited me to take some photos of their booth setup at the Wedding Expo in NBC Tent, I happily grabbed the opportunity to take a peek at different wedding suppliers.

Aside from their scrumptious cupcakes and tasty pastries, Sophie’s Mom is now venturing in to dessert table set-ups for events, such as wedding, debuts, anniversaries, birthdays, among others. The team from Sophie’s Mom will assemble the tables, props, and of course, the goodies!

During the expo, here’s a sneak preview of what Sophie’s Mom could do for you on your special day (hint: this was a French-inspired theme):

Oooooh. The spread! The spread!

A cute, vintage bike perfect for that happy, sappy vibe during your special day.

That sumptuous wedding cake, too good to be cut up!

A 2-tiered cake with plateful of cupcakes, all for that memorable day. 

Collage of the table set-up. 

If you want a fancy dessert table set-up for your special day, you may contact Sophie’s Mom through email ( or via Facebook (


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